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Fee payments:  On Course Aviation accepts cash, check, or credit card payments.

Aircraft Repositioning and Ferry Flights:  Impending weather and conflicting schedules are among the reasons aircraft owners find themselves with the need to reposition an aircraft. New owners might wish to have an experienced CFI accompany them when they purchase a plane. We can help whether we ferry the aircraft ourselves or provide flight instruction for the new owner. We can also help with aircraft pre-buys. Contact us to if you have a requirement to reposition your airplane or helicopter.

Flight instruction:  Tailwheel endorsement training.  If you are already a licensed (certificated) pilot and would like to improve your takeoff and landing skills, then achieving your tailwheel endorsement is for you!  I have a Cessna 170 (C-170B) that is perfect for tailwheel training with a side-by-side cockpit.  Check out my YouTube channel!  I’m am also available for Flight Reviews (“Biennial Flight Reviews”), Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPC), as well as other flight and ground instruction.  Call or email for availability and pricing.  gold-seal-cfilarge

FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE):  I currently perform DPE duties for Private, Instrument, Commercial and Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) ratings in Airplane single engine land.  I also perform Commercial, Instrument, ATP, and CFI in the Bell 407 and Bell 206.  Contact me for my current fee structure.  If an evaluation (“check ride”) is terminated before take off due to a disapproval or discontinuance (weather, maintenance, etc.), then I charge half of the fee.  I will receive the remaining half if I complete the evaluation at a later date.  Once we take off, regardless of the outcome, I will retain the original fee.

Flight Instructor Renewal Examiner (FIRE):  My fee is $75 for FIRE administration.  This is usually an active military instructor who is a CFI and is due for renewal.  Within the past 12 months, you must have successfully completed a military instructor pilot evaluation.  Another option would be to complete an online Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC).

FAA Military Competency Examiner (MCE) – My examiner fee for military competency is $75.  If you meet the requirements of 14 CFR 61.73, then you can be issued the appropriate pilot and/or Flight Instructor certificates.  You will have to take an FAA military competency written examination.   Note that you must have at least a commercial pilot certificate (license) before applying for a Flight Instructor certificate.  Please email or call for more information.

Remote Pilot Examiner (RPE):  If you are an FAA Certificated (licensed) pilot with a current Flight Review as per §61.56 you can apply via IACRA for a Remote Pilot certificate as per §107, and I can issue the Temporary Pilot certificate immediately.  If you don’t meet these requirements, you can apply however before you conduct §107 flights need to receive your permanent RP certificate in the mail.  My fee is $75.

F-18, F-15, F-22,  T-38 pilots seeking the Commercial Airplane Multiengine land (MEL) certificate (“pilots license”) via military competency will receive with the following statement on their certificate: Limited to Centerline Thrust.  (See FAA 8900.1, volume 5, chapter 1, section 4, 5-89 (E) for a list of centerline thrust airplanes)  This means that to fly a conventional multiengine airplane as Pilot in Command you will have to get the centerline thrust limitation removed.   The procedure for removing the Centerline Thrust limitation can be found in the Commercial Pilot Airman Certification Standards (FAA-S-ACS-7 with changes 1 and 2). This document can be found on the website under Training and Testing > Airmen Testing > Airman Certification Standards. Specifically refer to page A-16, “Removal of the “Centerline Thrust” Limitation” and “Removal of the “Airplane Multiengine VFR Only” Limitation. You will have to do both to remove the Centerline Thrust limitation and also have a multiengine airplane instrument rating without limitations. What this means is that you would not have to do the entire Commercial Multiengine flight evaluation to receive the Commercial Airplane MEL certificate, only the tasks on page A-16 and explained in detail in FAA-S-ACS 7.  You can also get the Centerline Thrust limitation removed during an Airline Transport Pilot evaluation or a Type evaluation however you will have to do the tasks on page A-16 in addition to the tasks required in for the ATP/Type. To remove the limitation, you would require a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) endorsement stating that you have been trained in the maneuvers and you would require a flight evaluation by either an FAA Safety Inspector or a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).  Pilots holding a Commercial Airplane Multiengine certificate with the Centerline Thrust limitation are not eligible for the military competency Flight Instructor rating in the multiengine category. You must first get the centerline thrust limitation removed.

Experimental Aircraft Examiner for the Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171.  Currently, the FAA considers all variants of the Mi-8 (i.e., Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-172) to be a Mi-8.  If you are to fly a U.S. registered Mi-8 as PIC, you must have an experimental authorization on your pilot’s certificate. The experimental authorization is basically a type rating for the Mi-8, and a type rating is required for aircraft with a maximum gross weight greater than 12,500 lbs. If you were rated (qualified) in the Mi-8 as an active military rated pilot, then you are eligible to have the “experimental authorization” added to your Pilots Certificate (sometimes called the Pilot’s license) via military competency.  This is an FAA Military Competency Examiner action as noted above.  If you did not fly the Mi-8 series as an active military pilot (e.g., you flew as a contractor in Afghanistan) you will have to take a flight evaluation (“check ride”) to add the experimental authorization to your certificate.  I am currently the only FAA examiner authorized to conduct this flight examination however I do not provide the aircraft.  There are a few operators in the U.S. who might be able to provide you with training and/or an aircraft.  The evaluation will follow the practical test standards for a helicopter type ride currently listed on the website for the helicopter ATP.  This is FAA-S-8081-20 but make sure to check the website as the practical test standards are subject to change.


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