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More check ride guidance

Here are some check ride problems that I’ve encountered recently.  The private pilot Airmen Certification Standards (FAA-S-ACS-6A w/chg 1 dated June 2017) states in skill element PA.II.D.S9 that the applicant “Use an airport diagram or taxi chart during taxi”. This is pretty clear; you must have a diagram out if one is available for your airport!  Also note the Knowledge task of PA.II.D.K6a.  “briefing the location of Hot Spots”.  Knowledge elements are tested in the knowledge test but you should note the hot spots if they apply to your airfield.  Not clear as to where to find these tasks?  Look at Appendix A (page A-6 on the current ACS):

Currently the Knowledge Test uses the old “Learning Codes” but will soon be upgraded to reference the ACS task elements.  This coding applies to all elements whether Knowledge, Risk, or Skill.  Appendix A also provides guidance to examiners (e.g. the DPE).  Note page A-8 states:

Again, this is pretty clear guidance and you and your CFI should review the ACS to ensure all areas are covered.  Another item to note in Appendix A (pages A-9 and 10) is unsatisfactory performance.  The last item on this list “Failure to exercise risk management”.  As previously discussed each Area of Operation in the ACS has three elements and one of these is Risk. Don’t forget to review the Risk elements of each task! I’ve referenced the Private Pilot ACS but this post applies to the other ACS (instrument and commercial) as well.  Here’s to a great check ride!