New Addition to On Course Avn

I’ve been in the market for a tail dragger to add to On Course Aviation for a while.  The goal is to offer tail wheel training required for a licensed pilot to receive the tail wheel endorsement and also to offer IMG_0668sight seeing rides at WV77.  While I love a tandem such as a J3 Cub, I like to instruct in a side by side airplane.  I think I do a better job instructing when I can see what the student is doing and the student can see what I’m doing!  At first I was thinking of something like a Luscombe, Aeronca Chief, or a Cessna 140 but I came around the C-170 because it offers a little more horsepower and space.  Plus I’m a Cessna guy.  I didn’t really want the 180 hp Lycoming conversion.  The extra horsepower would be nice but it is also more gallons per hour and more weight.  Plus I first soloed in a 1950 C-150 with a Continental engine and I think they just sound better than a Lycoming and I think the little six cylinder on the C-170 is cool.  There were several C-170 authorized modifications (Supplemental Type Certificates) that I did want.  One was Cessna 180 landing gear, which is a little more stout and raises the nose somewhat, and a Scott tail wheel.  The Scott tail wheel is better than the original.  So N2266D is the now a member of On Course Aviation!


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