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Finding Instrument Approach non-standard alternate minimums in ForeFlight.

It is authorized, legal, and just fine to use ForeFight for a pilot evaluation but you must know how to find the information you need for the flight.  An area that causes difficultly on Instrument check rides is finding non-standard Alternate minimums (also non-standard Take Off minimums).  These are noted on an approach plate with a “negative” T or A in the remarks section.  Note the “T” an “A” just below the WAAS section for the RNAV approach in Suffolk.approach-plate

To find this information (in this case non-standard Alternate Minimums) first go to the airports section and click on the tab for Procedures.


Next go to the Arrival section and select Alternate minimums.


This will take you to the non-standard Alternate minimums that would be in the front section of the hard copy Terminal Procedures (Approach Plate) publication.  These are all available online but I find that pilots are very familiar with getting the airport approach but are at a loss to find the non-standard alternate minimums.  BTW, non-standard take off minimums are in the departure section of the Procedures tab.  While this is a very simple task it is easily overlooked.