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Cessna 195

During a recent work trip out west I decided to accompany my friend Jeff to Chino Airport (KCNO) to pick up a part for his “new” airplane. Jeff had just purchased a 1953 Cessna 195 which is currently in Oklahoma getting the Jacobs Radial Engine overhauled. The Cessna 195 is considered a “classic” airplane and not an Antique.  Antique airplanes were manufactured   prior to August 31, 1945 while Classics where built from September 1, 1945 to December 31, 1955 (which by the way makes me a “Classic”).  Jeff and I were staying near Burbank and drove out to Chino expecting a short meeting with Jeff Pearson of Heritage Aero.  Jeff Pearson is considered a Cessna 195 expert and we found him deep into an annual on a beautiful polished aluminum C-195 with yellow accents.  The other Jeff, the one I was traveling with, needed to get a replacement airspeed indicator for his “new” C-195.  We found Mr. Pearson to be an affable guy and we were enjoying our visit when a couple showed up and suggested we all go to lunch.  Now Jeff and I had planned and expected to just get the airspeed indicator and then head over to one of the great museums on Chino.  But they all insisted that we go to lunch with them and then out of the blue Mr. Pearson said that if we stuck around he would take us up in his C-195.  Needless to say we were all in now.  During lunch we discovered that Paul and Pam Tackabury were no neophyte aviators.  Paul has a long and rich history as an Air Force aviator and his beautiful wife was there for the whole wonderful ride.  They were great hosts and against our objections paid for our lunch!  After lunch the Tackaburys invited us to their hangar which is filled with beautiful aircraft that are meticulously maintained.   The visit to the the Tackabury’s hangar alone was worth the trip.  But even better things were to come.

Paul and Pam's hangar on KCNO.  This photo doesn't begin to do it justice

Paul and Pam’s hangar on KCNO. This photo doesn’t begin to do it justice

True to his word Jeff Pearson got us moving towards his hangar.  We pulled out his Cessna 195 and fueled up.  Jeff Pearson was in the left seat and Jeff (the new C-195 guy) was in the right and I was just happy to be riding in such a great airplane.  Jeff fired up the Jacobs radial; what a great sound!

Jeff Pearson's C-193

Jeff Pearson’s C-193

Jeff took off and demo’d a couple of landings and then ask my friend Jeff if he would like the left seat!  This was totally unexpected but it didn’t take Jeff a second to say “absolutely”!  So new guy C-195 owner Jeff got to do about 4 landings and then Mr. Pearson asked me if I’d like a turn!?!  Of course I was all in!  I hadn’t flown a taildragger in 30 years and I warned Jeff but despite a few bounces it turned out well.  What a great airplane.  I knew of the C-195 and of course I’ve seen a few over the years but I had never thought of actually owning but but now……  Anyway hat’s off to Jeff P. and the Tackabury’s.  What great folks and if they are any indication of the kind of airplane people at Chino then what a great airport!

My turn up front!

My turn up front!